Mixed Magics: Four Tales of Chrestomanci (Chrestomanci, Book 7)

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If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. Told from the perspective of Rupert Venables, a Magid from planet Earth who keeps the ""Multiverse"" in balance, Diana Wynne Jones's Deep Secret follows Rupert's efforts to find his own replacement after his mentor dies and Rupert moves up. David dreads the upcoming holidays. Usually it means he is sent to camp or on an educational tour.

This year, things are worsehis great-aunt and -uncle are confused about the last day of school and must cancel their own trip because they haven't Diana Wynne Jones, Author.

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Omnibus paperback editions split the Dalemark Quartet into two volumes. Ages up. Ages 8-up. In this adroitly told story, Mr.

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Ages A young evacuee from the London blitz is captured and taken to Time City, a place that exists in space and time outside history. Instead of going on to secondary school like Not even the glamorous presence of the nine-lived enchanter Chrestomanci star of the Chrestomanci Books, noted below is enough to dispel the scraped-together air that pervades this grouping of four short stories, three of which were originally Whimsy, invention and the chilling sense of a world multiple worlds, actually gone topsy-turvy characterize this grandly outsize fantasy from Jones Year of the Griffin.

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In an alternate England, where the king maintains the magic of the realm by After their father disappears, Mig and her brother, Chris, go with their mother to visit Aunt Maria, an elderly tyrant who is as demure as she is iron-willed. Upon arriving, Mig and her mother discover that they are expected to keep house for Aunt Trouble starts to brew when a boy returns home from school to find a Goon unwilling to move until his author father pays the thug's boss 2, words.

PW called this "a very funny, very suspenseful astral tale. Old favorites come in new trimmings with the gathering together of these 16 previously published stories by Diana Wynne Jones in Unexpected Magic: Collected Stories.

Shorter tales include ""The Master,"" a vet's account of a strange, portentous This ""gripping novel"" about a disembodied spirit in search of her identity ""serves up often giddily hilarious fantasy that nonetheless deals unflinchingly with some ugly issues,"" said PW in a starred review. Out of print for more than two decades, Diana Wynne Jones's first novel, Witch's Business , makes a welcome comeback. Siblings Jess and Frank start an underground business to help customers seek revenge, after their father cuts off their One of the foremost living children's fantasy writers, Jones serves up a quirky comedy of magicians dealing with an incursion of troublesome fairies in contemporary England.

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  7. Andrew Hope, an absentminded academic with magical abilities he barely. The acclaimed author of children's fiction has turned her considerable talents to writing for adults, and has come up with a buoyant and boisterous romp through several universes.

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    Last 7 days. Last 14 days. Last 30 days. Last 60 days. On-hand, Local, International. Usually ships weeks — This is an indent title internationally sourced to order from a local supplier. Gwendolen must be one of the most memorable sisters in all literature. The other books are also brilliant, full of magic taking the reader to all kinds of unexpected places, I've been finding them very hard to put down. The plots are ingenious and there are lots of entertaining characters, both good and bad. If you like books with magic, these are some of the very best. Much more fun than Harry Potter.

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    Product Details. This collection, with absolutely stunning jackets, contains all seven books from her hugely acclaimed Chrestomanci series. Everyone always tells Gwendolen Chant that she is a gifted witch with astonishing powers so it suits her when she's taken to live in Chrestomanci Castle.

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