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Furthermore, these data experimentally validate the various geometry and material choices for the thermal link, coldfinger, aerogel supports, and clamshell discussed above. A steady-state coldfinger temperature of A separate resistor installed in the coldfinger base allowed for the application of well-defined heat loads and measurement of the corresponding increase in the coldfinger temperature. The initial slope is 0. This value is in good agreement with the 8.

The thermal model presented above [Eqs. T c was fixed at Furthermore, the measured initial slope of 0. This is the first demonstration of a sensor cooled by solid-state optical refrigeration used as part of a practical device.

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The primary noise source is due to statistical fluctuations of the thermally activated dark current within the detector element. We used solid-state optical refrigeration to cool a payload to cryogenic temperatures for the first time, which represents a breakthrough in this field and opens the door to using this technology for a variety of applications that benefit from a reliable cryogenic refrigerator without moving parts and associated vibrations.

Second, the use of a coldfinger provided the design flexibility required to incorporate the sensor payload, support structure, and diagnostic components. Third, the results show that hydrophobic silica aerogels can provide excellent thermal insulation as well as sufficient mechanical strength to support the laser-cooled assembly.

These approaches are not without new challenges.

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The relatively poor thermal conductivity of the YLF thermal link creates a larger than desired temperature gradient between the payload and cooling crystal, which limits the base temperature of the payload. Thermal link materials that have significantly greater thermal conductivity and a CTE that is comparable to the cooling crystal are required to realize the full potential of optical refrigeration. The silica aerogel supports performed well in the present static application. More studies are needed to assess their thermo-mechanical performance under conditions of mechanical shock and vibration.

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Quantum Electron 28 , — Barnes, N. Temperature variation of the refractive indices of yttrium lithium fluoride. Muley, S. Emissivity of electronic materials, coatings, and structures.

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JOM 66 , — Rettelbach, T. Thermal conductivity of silica aerogel powders at temperatures from 10 to K. Parmenter, K. Mechanical properties of silica aerogels. Omranpour, H. Mechanical properties improvement of silica aerogel through aging: role of solvent type, time and temperature. AIP Conf. Design study of a laser-cooled infrared sensor. Download references. The authors thank T. Williamson and K. Cardenas Los Alamos National Laboratory for performing sample metrology. S-B, and R. All authors participated in writing the article. He was instrumental to the success of this work.

Correspondence to Mansoor Sheik-Bahae. Reprints and Permissions. Photonics Research Optics Letters Optical Materials Advanced search. Skip to main content. Subjects Optics and photonics Other photonics. Abstract Solid-state optical refrigeration uses anti-Stokes fluorescence to cool macroscopic objects to cryogenic temperatures without vibrations.

Introduction All-optical cooling of a solid was first observed in by Epstein et al. Clappier, T. Ju, Y.


Zhou, J. Liang, W. Liang, J. Yang, W. Zhu, Y. Zhou, Y. Chandratilleke, Y.

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Ohtani, H. Nakagome, K. Mimura, N.

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