The Trail of the Dinosaur & Reflections on Hanging

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This image makes me think of my friendships at JPDS. Most of us have been together since we were four years old. Much like the rock formations, we have been side by side for years without interruption. Our friendships are solid. Through thick and thin we have remained together. And like the rocks formations in Utah we will always be admired and together forever.

My artifact is the ark that Tefillah Committee worked on. My artifact may not directly relate to the aspect of community, but the whole story does. We created committees and worked together to finish it for next year. We would take free time, non-school time, and we would try our hardest. Most of all, we did it as a group.

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All it took was Tefillah Committee. I remember coming in Kindergarten, meeting new people, making friends immediately. I went to Israel for half of first grade, and the day I came back, I got so many hugs from friends that it had only taken a year to make. It was about a boy named Matt who was helped by a boy named Attean to survive in the wilderness.

But somehow, as they had sat side by side, day after day, doing the lessons that neither of them wanted to do, something had changed. It was about a girl with a dog who was causing trouble in the community. Winn-Dixie wagged his tail. That quote reminded me of this school. This dress is meaningful because it was the first piece of clothing I ever wore here, symbolizing a beginning. Commencement actually means beginning. This ceremony is the end of that beginning, my experience at JPDS. I remember the first day of school, making friendships that would last me through elementary school and probably for the rest of my life.

School is a pushing-off point for everything else I am going to do. I remember how much I have done, and what I have achieved. The fact that I, and all of my classmates have done this much in a span of about seven or eight years is inspiring. I will take everything I learned in this school, from Kindergarten to just now, with me. Lila Schwartz:. I made this painting in art class in 6th grade. It is a painting of a brother and a sister, wrapped up in a blanket and sitting in front of a fire on a cold winter day.

The teachers are kind and understanding and do their best to teach us, but they have us enjoy learning at the same time.

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I feel supported by my teachers just as I do by my family. I made so many friendships here that now I have many more family members than I used to. Every morning, when I walk into school, I get a warm feeling inside.


While I am excited about going to a new school, I am sad to leave my old one. Luckily, I can always come back and visit this warm and welcoming family. The artifact that I have chosen to write about is an object from an interactive experience that I had in third grade. It is meant to be an ear of corn.

I made it at the Native American Museum at the Smithsonian. It stands out for me because it was the only field trip that my dad joined.

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My dad and I made matching corn stalks out of pipe cleaners and beads. This one memory brings many other happy memories of my times at this school. I loved all the field trips and learning outside our classroom. To represent my growth over these years at JPDS, I chose a picture I drew in Kindergarten of myself because this was the first thing I remember doing at school. Looking at the two pictures, I realize I have changed a lot since then, and so much of that is thanks to my great experiences at JPDS. I was proud of my self-portrait then, and I am so proud of the person I have become now.

The teachers and administration are great, and they make this school a place of friendship, fun learning, and growth. For my artifact, I chose a collage that I made in Art, the collage represents all the different parts and aspects of JPDS coming together, which creates a warm, loving, community and school that cannot be matched. The JPDS community is made up of friends, students, teachers, and parents who all care for each other.

Since JPDS is a school, one obvious part would be academics. It has several uses, each of which expresses how I have grown over the last seven years. The blunt hammer represents how I have been able to crack out of moments when I am sad and to uncover my inner happiness. The fine chisel tool represents how my personality has evolved in shape from being able to show only one side of me at a time to growing into a complex person who contains and shares many dimensions within me. The drill represents my emotional growth at JPDS and learning how to drill down to my heart in order to find and express my emotions.

I have learned a lot at JPDS. One of those values is expressed in my artifact, a little cowboy hat. I drew this last year during the Westward Expansion Simulation when I chose my own path. Each group had a little icon on a map to represent their progress, but I created my own one and left my group. I ended up in a completely different place, separate from my group, and I was allowed and even encouraged to do that.

While JPDS is a community, the teachers and students make it possible to value independence and interdependence at the same time. It is such an amazing place, and I have chosen an artifact that represents my time throughout the seven years that I have been here.

I have picked a Chuck Close-inspired drawing that I made in fourth grade with our wonderful art teacher, Mrs.

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I chose this artifact because it is so colorful, and my years at JPDS have made me a more colorful person, and they have added excitement to my life. Also, this drawing has so many different squares and parts to it, which represent to me all of the different aspects of JPDS and the way these different pieces all come together to help teach children to grow and learn. I will always remember my years here. My six years here at JPDS have been amazing. I have built friendships that will last forever. The teachers are so nice and caring, and they would never let me give up.

The Trail of the Dinosaur by Arthur Koestler

This is why I have chosen my invention convention project as my artifact. It taught me how to think flexibly because when I was creating my invention, there were times when I needed to change my ideas or rework my graphs. The project taught me also how to take responsible risks. The teachers here at this school are amazing and wonderful people.

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They have helped me become a better person academically and in the community. I would like to thank the school, the teachers, the administration, and all the behind-the-scenes people who have helped me grow in the six years I have been here. I also would like to thank my parents and sister for supporting me through my journey. JPDS allowed me to explore my interests, better understand myself, and share my life through writing. During this project, I got to learn more about how swimming evolved. This project also allowed me to bring an activity that I love to do outside of school, swimming, into something that I love to do in school, writing.

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In fact, being encouraged to write about swimming and other topics I love helped me to discover that I also love to write. JPDS helped me express myself through writing, which helped me become the person I am today. My artifact is the Empire State Building. We worked as a class and worked in groups to do this project. The teachers let us be as creative and imaginative as we wanted.

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