Inactivity: Physiological Effects

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Co-author Dr. Paul Fadel sheds light on his team's results: "These findings further our understanding of the negative impact of inactivity on blood vessel function and demonstrate the positive effects of simple leg exercises whilst lying down providing further insight into how inactivity affects vascular health of the lower legs. Materials provided by The Physiological Society. Note: Content may be edited for style and length. Science News. Journal Reference : Jennifer R.

Vranish, Benjamin E. Young, Brandi Y.

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Brief periods of inactivity reduce leg microvascular, but not macrovascular, function in healthy young men. Experimental Physiology , ; DOI: ScienceDaily, 21 August The Physiological Society. Simple leg exercises could reduce impact of sedentary lifestyle on heart and blood vessels. Last year, for example, Friedenreich's study looking at lifetime physical activity found that endometrial cancer risk increased with sedentary occupational activity by 28 percent.

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Inactivity : physiological effects

Physical activity and cancer risk Getting started. Weight Are you a healthy weight? Researchers Health Professionals Supporters Survivors. From Our Blog. They were selected at random from a larger group of whom the remaining 57 men continued to work in the mines: they were also studied as controls.

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The period in a sanatorium without chemotherapy was associated with a gain in body weight which resulted, at rest, in significant reductions in forced expiratory volume, forced vital capacity, functional residual capacity and radiological lung area; during exercise there were proportional increases in oxygen consumption, cardiac frequency and ventilation minute volume.

Apart from effects due to the gain in weight, withdrawal from the mines and associated inactivity had singularly little effect upon physiological function.

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Antitubercular chemotherapy had the effect of lessening the gain in weight which would otherwise have occurred in the sanatorium. It had little direct effect upon performance. Inactivity impairs the function of the circulation and the strength of skeletal muscles e. Taylor et al. On theoretical grounds, it may also affect indices of lung function, including vital capacity, Hutchinson , , and transfer factor diffusing capacity, Cotes , ; however, no practical study of inactivity and lung function appears to have been undertaken. We have, therefore, used the opportunity of a controlled therapeutic trial for early progressive massive fibrosis of coalworkers, Gilson , , to examine this subject, which may be important for medical rehabilitation, as well as for understanding the mechanism of physical training.

The results suggest that a 3 month period of relative inactivity following withdrawal from mining has little direct effect upon lung function or performance of submaximal exercise; it may however lead to an increase in body weight which has a deleterious effect.

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